Ara-m5C: a database for transcriptome-wide m5C annotation

About Ara-m5C

     The emergence of epitranscriptome opened a new chapter in gene regulation, 5-methylcytosine (m5C), as an important post-transcriptional modification, has been identified to be involved in a variety of biological processes such as subcellular localization and translational fidelity. We performed transcriptome-wide m5C annotation through PEA-m5C, which is a transcriptome-wide m5C predictor trained with features extracted from flanking sequence centered on m5C using random forest algorithm under machine learning framework.

The candidate m5C modificatio sites in different type of RNAs

Transcript m5C sites Download
Long non-coding RNA 2455 4591 [Download↓]
miRNA 387 41 [Download↓]
miRNA promary transcript 325 330 [Download↓]
mRNA 48353 728136 [Download↓]
rRNA 15 450 [Download↓]
snoRNA 287 198 [Download↓]
snRNA 82 168 [Download↓]
tRNA 689 884 [Download↓]